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about me.

Hi, I'm Faith,  Entrepreneur, Accountant and now gite owner in France. A career in Accountancy , Industry and Finance spanning more years than I care to mention.I  ran an award winning business in Scotland for over 15 years, wrote columns for Scottish newspapers, mentored women in business, helped set up my husband's aviation safety business, and became an advocate for the ACCA speaking to hundreds of students in Indonesia. A passionate writer and lover of all things French, I have now relocated to the Lot et Garonne in South West France. 


Follow me! I talk about my life; my business, my work, what is happening in the world, what matters to me and those I love and care about. I also talk openly and honestly here about mental health and how so many business leaders struggle daily with their personal battles. I am open and very honest about mine so hang on tight for the ups and downs of a "40 something" navigating  french life, love and business. 

Come and join me on my journey! 

Faith xxx


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