August 15, 2017

Ladies, don’t burn your bras, no matter how tempting in 2017!

I am not one for burning my bra – they’re not cheap and a lot of care goes into choosing them – but I wouldn’t mind taking a torch to a few of the tedious, outdated and frankly next-level, ‘look-to-camera’ things that have come to light of late, fuelling the ever-swelling and swirling gender (in)equality debate.

First things first – I firmly believe in ‘total gender equality’, that the right person for the job should get the job, regardless of gender (or any other diversity for that matter). Merit based on talent, skills, perspective, experience and personality should win out.

Yet while it may have seemed that the glass ceiling was cracking, perhaps it was just creaking and growing rose-tinted.

According to the World Bank, as of 2014 women...

August 4, 2017

David & Goliath - that biblical tale where the Giant Goliath was defeated by the young David in the Book of Samuel and the church's supposed victory over Satan. 

Fast forward 2000 years and today the phrase has taken on a much more popular meaning denoting an underdog situation, a situation where a smaller, weaker opponent takes on a much bigger and stronger adversary. 

This is exactly what happened to me this week in business. At Faith Simpson Accountants, we focus on the SMEs, the start ups, those companies who need the specialist, one to one help, friendly, focused and approachable. This is what start ups need and want. Someone who has been there and done it, not the corporate crap and fluff that so many spew out in their literature. 

So when I signed up for the Start up Summit in Edinburgh this N...

July 18, 2017

It seems like in the year 2017, we women cannot win. 

I am not asking for sympathy here or for any excuses, but in an era where its all about gender equality, getting more women on boards and bursting through that glass ceiling it gets a little confusing when people then throw their arms up in dispute about a female Doctor "Her"!

Are the BBC bending to public demand and expectations, going against everything the fans want, what next?? #janebond - what a thought! 

I was recently asked to comment for Insider Magazine on a property tech challenge set up by my friend Shaf Rasul. I loved what Shaf wanted to do - as resident entrepreneur at Strathclyde Uni he offered up £25,000 in prize money to those budding property entrepreneurs that inspired him and his team of judges. Good. Great. Inspi...

July 9, 2017

Is the accountant dead? Well I have to say I think the stereotypical accountant is definitely dead. 

Long gone are the days of grey suits, stuffy offices, complex jargon and ridiculous fees. In this day and age, the new entrepreneur needs more, wants more. Due to the advent of technological wizardry, you can now scan your receipts, upload your bank statements and streamline all your processes almost to the point that book keepers will be no more. A quick check online and a tick in the box and your accounts are good to go, all sent to Companies House, HMRC and your bank manager in the blink of an eye.

So where does that leave your accountant? It leaves them there to add value, help you grow, help you develop your business and make that 3,5 or 10 year plan. 

But lets face it - they are just an accounta...

April 24, 2017

 Having run the London marathon in 2000 and something, I now take pleasure in watching it from the comfort of my bed on a Sunday morning in April, whilst eating croissants and drinking strong coffee. 

I remember it vividly. I ran in memory of my mum who died from cancer and myself and my husband Neil trained for 6 months and ran the 26.2 miles together. 

At around mile 20, I hit the dreaded wall. It was one of the hottest London marathons on record. I wanted to give up, crawl to the side of the road and cry. After cursing at Neil for making me run it (even though it was all my idea), he coaxed me on and pushed me (literally at times!) for four miles. 

By the time I hit mile 24, I'd had enough and dug deep to find the energy and strength to sprint to the finish line, almost pushing women and chil...

December 18, 2016

Okay so maybe not "homeless" but on Thursday the 15th December I joined 250 other CEOs from across Scotland to sleep out in Charlotte Square Edinburgh to help raise money for the charity Social Bite as they battle to end homelessness across Scotland. 

The charity, set up by the inspirational Josh Littlejohn, is now taking things one step further by building a village for the homeless on a piece of land in Granton, Edinburgh, donated by the council. The blue print is in place and the plans are to build a safe and supportive environment for up to 20 people to live in for around 12 - 15 months.

When asked to take part by Josh I jumped at the chance - anything to help raise awareness of what they were doing. 

As Thursday approached and the realisation started to hit, I wondered what I had honestly let my...

October 16, 2016

Are you a Nicholas or a Glen?

for those of you that are not fans of the Walking Dead this will mean nothing to you - however if you are Trekkies you can relate this to Darth Vadar and Luke Skywalker.

In the run up to the new season of #thewalkingdead i have been using my weekend to catch up on Season 6. I know, so productive!

However, there were a few things I noticed on the rerun.

1. only the fittest survive

2. You snooze you lose

3. Always keep an eye on the competition

Now I am sure when the comics came out they were really just about blood and gore, but watching it back, this is all basic human nature and so much of it can be applied to business.

They say that if two men are drowning, one is single with no family and the other has 3 kids then the latter is statistically more likely to survive. Human i...

August 4, 2016

How to smile and clap politely when you don't win.

There is a very funny episode of "Friends" when Joey was up for a "Soapy" award. Rachel tried to teach him how to clap and smile politely if he didn't win Best Newcomer. For those of you that remember the episode, Joey lost his cool when he didn't win and his meltdown was all caught on camera for the world to see, much to the despair of Rachel Green. 

Leonardo dicaprio was nominated for an Oscar 6 times before finally winning in 2016 for Best Actor in The Revenant. How on earth did he he keep going year after year, sitting there in the front row at the Awards, perfecting his smile, his "I am happy for you" look when someone else stole his golden nugget? How did he keep coming back, getting better at his trade, his business,...

July 9, 2016

What can Andy Murray teach you about succeeding in business?

Yesterday i sat for 3 hours in front of the TV holding my breath. Watching Andy Murray at Wimbledon is never easy for us Scots. A nation full of disappointment when it comes to Sport more often than not: football, tennis, rugby......

Even though Andy Murray became the first Brit to win Wimbledon in 77 years back in 2013, he has been plagued by near misses and knock outs over his career. But, he keeps coming back, game after game, year after year. Why? Why does someone put themselves through that pressure? The eyes of a nation on you, ready to cheer when you win, and ready to persecute when you fail?

The will to win. That's what separates the winners from the losers. 

A few years ago i was asked who my heroes were. Who inspired me in bus...

June 26, 2016

Well the last ninety six hours have been interesting to say the least. Heated, fraught, sad and angered. Who would have expected that a vote no one was really interested in would cause such friction?

I have spent the last 3 days trawling through papers, TV and social media to try and get an informed response to Thursday's result. So i voted to remain. I stand by my decision but I am happy to listen to the other side of the argument and why you would vote to leave the EU. Everyone has their own personal reasons and I would never tell someone that my reasoning was more important than theirs. That is what a democracy is all about. 

What I do have a problem with is the vile racism that I am seeing on social media and in the Press. People born and bred in this country being told to "go home" "you're...

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