June 26, 2016

They say that you are the sum of the five people you associate with the most. 

Here is a task that you should all do. Get a piece of A4 paper and write your name down in the middle. Now, take a good look around yourself. Who are the five people you associate with the most? Family, friends, work colleagues, mentors? Write their names down around your name. Now beside each name write down what they bring to your life - Good or Bad. 

So these are the people who influence you the most in your life. Are they doing a good job? Are they lifting you up or are they pulling you down?

I did this a few years ago and was quite surprised at what I discovered. Having toxic and negative people around you has a huge impact on your life. You might not even realise that it's happening and instead are blaming your negat...

June 25, 2016

"I'm sorry" - two words many of us say too much or not enough. A genuine regret or a sign of weakness?

As a leader, manager or politician, saying those two words either comes way too easily or is never said. I have actually heard friends and colleagues say that at the start of every sentence - apologising for their thoughts, comment or interrupting your day.

And here is why. 

We are a nation ruled by history and a stiff upper lip. Being British means letting that person go in front of you in the queue, being self depreciating and realising we were never quite good enough.

If we were a New Yorker we would think differently - the world would be our oyster. We would not give a shit about what others said, and we wouldn't apologise for it either. We would push to the front of the queue and demand that our...

June 19, 2016

Have you ever gone into work in a foul mood only to notice by lunchtime that everyone else in the office feels the same as you? Everyone else is pissed off and stomping around?

Have you ever thought that everyone else is in a bad mood just because you are? 

Back when I worked for Deloittes in Guernsey, my boss was going through my appraisal and told me that I was a social barometer in the office. If I was happy and having a great day, so did everyone else, everyone got on with their work and were extremely productive. If however I had a bad day, my vibe affected the entire office, pulling them down.

It is one of the best appraisals I ever had. John was frank and honest. I didn't realise the impact I had on my work colleagues. 

Ever since that day, I have been so aware of how my mood can affect my busi...

June 19, 2016

Hi. Welcome to my blog - this blog is here for you, our friends and clients; a place where I will tell you what is happening in the world of business & finance. I'll tell you all about how to set up your business, make a difference and have a purpose. I'm going to be honest and frank and tell you about the bad days at work, how to get through them, where you can go for help and how to be the best at what you do. I have been running my own award winning company for 11 years now and I am here to share with you how you can do the same! 

Please get in touch and share your thoughts and comments! 

okay so lets get started.........

June 19, 2016

Originally from North Berwick, Faith qualified as an Accountant with Deloittes in 1998 in Guernsey. After relocating to the North of Scotland, Faith set up her own company Faith Simpson Accountants in 2006. 

Drawing on her experiences with Big 4 firms, working in Industry for pioneering firms, Faith saw a gap in the market for her own brand of "Approachable Accountancy".  Faith wanted to break down the barriers in Accountancy, getting rid of stuffy suits, complicated jargon and that feeling of dread when going to see your Accountant for that annual visit.

Faith and her team operate across two offices in the North East of Scotland, HQ in Elgin and a second office in Huntly. With customer care at the forefront of what they do, the team work closely with clients to ensure that they are making the most...

June 19, 2016

Ask any successful business leader: Richard Branson, Jacqueline Gold, Jim Duffy "Did you have a mentor at any stage of your career?"

The answer will be a resounding "yes" and I can guarantee that they have all had more than one business mentor at different points of their career - finding that right person to help them at the right time.

The  mentor you engage when you first set up in business will not be the same mentor you have in year five when you are going for growth and global expansion. Mentors come and go and will offer you the help, support and direction you need at any one point of your business career. Like any relationship in life, they come and go at the time you need them the most. 

i have had three mentors to date, all very different, and all offering me the advice I needed a...

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