• Faith Simpson

Sorry seems to be the hardest word

"I'm sorry" - two words many of us say too much or not enough. A genuine regret or a sign of weakness?

As a leader, manager or politician, saying those two words either comes way too easily or is never said. I have actually heard friends and colleagues say that at the start of every sentence - apologising for their thoughts, comment or interrupting your day.

And here is why.

We are a nation ruled by history and a stiff upper lip. Being British means letting that person go in front of you in the queue, being self depreciating and realising we were never quite good enough.

If we were a New Yorker we would think differently - the world would be our oyster. We would not give a shit about what others said, and we wouldn't apologise for it either. We would push to the front of the queue and demand that our needs are met.

As a female entrepreneur I have learnt not to say "sorry" unless I really mean it. Otherwise what is the point.

in an unstable environment in the UK post Brexit we have to step up, shake off that cloak of negativity and say "Im not sorry, it's not the hardest word," and admit when we get it wrong.

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