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Give me a High Five!

They say that you are the sum of the five people you associate with the most.

Here is a task that you should all do. Get a piece of A4 paper and write your name down in the middle. Now, take a good look around yourself. Who are the five people you associate with the most? Family, friends, work colleagues, mentors? Write their names down around your name. Now beside each name write down what they bring to your life - Good or Bad.

So these are the people who influence you the most in your life. Are they doing a good job? Are they lifting you up or are they pulling you down?

I did this a few years ago and was quite surprised at what I discovered. Having toxic and negative people around you has a huge impact on your life. You might not even realise that it's happening and instead are blaming your negative moods and thoughts on yourself. You would be asking "why are good things not happening to me?" "Why is my life in a rut?" "Why am i not achieving my goals?"

If you have a work colleague who sits beside you and they do nothing but moan all day about how crap their job is, guaranteed you will end up thinking the same. But if you remove and distance yourself from them then you will start to think differently. The same goes for your friends, even family. If they don't add anything positive to your life and just bring woes and negativity then maybe it is time to walk away.

And that's what I did. And it changed me. I found spending time with my mentor, successful entrepreneurs and go-getters made me want to improve myself, grow my business and conquer the world.

So, go back to that piece of paper. If they aren't contributing positively to your life and helping to build you up, maybe it is time to remove them from the picture and add in someone who will.

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