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Are you Walking Dead??

Are you a Nicholas or a Glen?

for those of you that are not fans of the Walking Dead this will mean nothing to you - however if you are Trekkies you can relate this to Darth Vadar and Luke Skywalker.

In the run up to the new season of #thewalkingdead i have been using my weekend to catch up on Season 6. I know, so productive!

However, there were a few things I noticed on the rerun.

1. only the fittest survive

2. You snooze you lose

3. Always keep an eye on the competition

Now I am sure when the comics came out they were really just about blood and gore, but watching it back, this is all basic human nature and so much of it can be applied to business.

They say that if two men are drowning, one is single with no family and the other has 3 kids then the latter is statistically more likely to survive. Human instincts kick in.

The desire to survive.

And the same applies to business.

In the latest season of the Walking Dead I have seen the following examples - so called leaders unable to do their job. Why? Because they talk the talk but couldn't step outside the walls of Alexandria and lead. As a Leader if you're not prepared to be the first to make the kill, then how can you expect your staff/followers or tribe to do the same?

That is why Rick is still the leader - strong and consisent.

Rick and his team are always alert, always ready and prepared - well until the end of Season 6 - but its almost like the big PLC coming into eat up your SME - how do you survive?

So going back to my first question? Are you a Glen (who will fight to the end) or Nicholas (who would rather give up than fight?)

Lessons to be learned.

I know who I am. Who are you?

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