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Let's hear it for the girls

It seems like in the year 2017, we women cannot win.

I am not asking for sympathy here or for any excuses, but in an era where its all about gender equality, getting more women on boards and bursting through that glass ceiling it gets a little confusing when people then throw their arms up in dispute about a female Doctor "Her"!

Are the BBC bending to public demand and expectations, going against everything the fans want, what next?? #janebond - what a thought!

I was recently asked to comment for Insider Magazine on a property tech challenge set up by my friend Shaf Rasul. I loved what Shaf wanted to do - as resident entrepreneur at Strathclyde Uni he offered up £25,000 in prize money to those budding property entrepreneurs that inspired him and his team of judges. Good. Great. Inspiring.

Fast forward to the press release on the results. An all male panel and all male winners. Seriously?

Maybe this was co-incidence, maybe it wasn't. I don't know. But in 2017 I would really hope that there are women in that industry as determined as the male counterparts.

I also know two phenomenal women in property at the top of their game who could possibly have brought some diversity and alternative thoughts to the table with the judging.

I love being a woman in business. I love the challenge and the look on the faces of those I prove wrong. But at the end of the day it shouldnt be about gender; it should be about talent, your skills, what you are good at and what you bring to the table. But when I see a male dominated environment or an all male panel, I get frustrated. On the one side, we women want to be treated equally, but we dont want to be brought in just to fill the numbers. So why aren't more women stepping up to these challenges? Is it inherent in their upbringing, or something else?

It is a tough challenge and always an issue. I worked in a male dominated environment. When I first joined Deloittes there were no female partners. A very heavy handed male dominated office, the same when I went to Johnston Carmichael in Elgin. Its a shame because women have been proven to me to be more resourceful, more tactful and they the job done. Recent stats prove what more female led businesses could do for Scotland in terms of revenue.

We have to champion women in business. We dont want to be measured on gender, we want to be measured on skills, talent and work ethics.

So come on Scotland - lets hear it for the girls!!

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