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Dog Days are gone.....

So, who knew that in the space of 7 days I could go from a rational, level headed business woman to a soppy heap of #puppylove ?

Last week on my birthday I went with my best friend & business partner Neil down to Chester in England where we spent the day sat out in the sun, being all carefree, no responsibility and a "go to bed when we wanted" kind of attitude...

Fast forward 24 hours and I was sat in my pristine clean X3 with a crying 11 week old Cockapoo on my lap as we made the five hour drive back to Edinburgh and his new forever home.

I am now an oracle on all things "puppy". I am up with the larks ( most mornings) to let him out of his cage, feed, water and yes, bathe him (but that's a story for another day).

I have never had children. I have never been that maternal but one week on and I am besotted - hook, line and sinker with "Caley" my wee Cockapoo.

For those of you that know me, I have wanted a puppy for the last three years. I have toyed over various breeds from Westies, to Daschunds and finally to a Cockapoo, but also for those that know me, I am on the verge of OCD when it comes to cleanliness; my flat is spotless. In fact Hyacinth Bouquet has nothing on me. So have a puppy disrupt my usually very sane and orderly life? Me pick up dog poo and deal with the mess?

Last night, Neil said to me, "I have never seen you smile so much in your life!"

And he is absolutely on the money there.

Cockapoos are know therapy dogs and Caley is certainly the best therapy for me.

Who cares about waking up at 7am to the whines from his cage in the lounge? Who cares about cleaning the kitchen floor three times a day while he learns the art of puppy mats and toilet training? Who cares if he hogs the floor cushion and i have to sit on the wooden floor as it makes him happy? and who cares that when I stayed over at my step daughter Jess's on Friday he thought it acceptable to sleep on my head?

I never thought I would be comfortable with someone sat on my bathroom floor watching me intently while I have a pee! Who knew that high heels, Edinburgh pavements and a Cockapoo pup who hates his lead could lead to disaster and a skinned knee?

This wee bundle of apricot coloured love has touched the hearts of everyone he has met so far. Going to the shops takes twice as long as he rolls over for anyone who will give him a cuddle. I cannot hang up the washing without one sock disappearing off the dryer.

Eating dinner is an art form of holding a bowl above my head as he stares at me with those huge brown eyes, pleading "Mum, mum, mum, give me some please!"

He likes licking my feet, chewing the coffee table and drinking dads beer. He chats to everyone at the local pub and will sit in his water bowl when waiting for his dinner.

I can only see more stories and fun times ahead. So my sincere apologies for the never ending blogs about Caley the Cockapoo but he is my next adventure and inspiring the next chapter in my business career. So please watch this space and you will fall in love with Caley as much as we have.

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