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Caley & Me - week 2

Week two and i have turned into THAT mum.

You know the mum that wont let their wee darling play outside in case they catch something? That parent that is scared any dirty spoon will kill their little angel?

Yes. I am officially that parent.

I cant remember the last time I washed the floors in my flat so often. I reckon that I have cleaned the floors more than I ever did in the two years since I bought it. I was hoovering at 7am this morning and moving beds as Caley has figured out how to slide under them in search of "treats" or random socks and fake eyelashes!

The last seven days have been filled with walks, prison breaks from RAF Lossiemouth, chewed tables, inauguration at my offices, kamikazee dives through bushes, playing with the sat nav and taking over the music controls in the car and not to mention leaving a parting gift on the floors of our old offices that we vacated this week.....

So Caley has been living with me for two weeks now. He has met my great friend Zara who came over to cook a middle eastern feast in exchange for tax advice. He's wooed over my team and clients at FSA and he has driven the length and breadth of Scotland twice in seven days without so much as a whimper. In fact he perks up and gives huge butt wiggles when I open the car door for him and tries so hard to jump up into the passenger seat from his stumpy wee legs.

He was also picked up by retail brand #AirandGrace when I purchased a fabulous pair of white and neon pink trainers at a local independent boutique in Elgin (#Alluringboutique) which my good friend Deborah owns and got snapped on #instagram and shared to the world.

A few days were spent at #RAFLossiemouth and Caley met his dad's crew in the Safety Cell and learned all about aviation safety and how to win over the Station Commander with his charm and good looks. On Friday night Caley experienced first hand the roar of the typhoon as one took off over our heads (for the Officers Mess Battle of Britain Ball). Great for the punters but not so much a 12 week old Caley who thought Armageddon had arrived and sped off at 100 mph across the car park scampering for cover

Caley's latest trick however, is sitting in the passenger seat (with his seat belt on I must add!) when I am driving and putting either his cute ass or big fat paws all over the dials. I do find this adorable but when he continually plays #browneyedgirl on itunes for the 10th time in a row.... I do wonder.

Unfortunately I cant stay mad at him for long as he looks up at me with those big brown eyes and I melt and take another photo for his ever increasing instagram followers.

I think I need to download the famous song by Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jnr, "Me and my shadow" as I cant leave any room for five minutes without him searching for me.....this included him running like a crazy nut around our new local pub last night when I dived off to the toilet for a minute.

"Mum, mum, mum, ........mum, mum, mum" in the words of Stewie from Family Guy.

All this aside, I cant wait to see what the next 7 days has in store for us as we have meetings in Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen, Huntly and Glasgow. Im as tired as Caley just thinking about it all so shall just take myself off for a nap.

Faith & Caley xx

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